Instructions for the DD Form 1172-2 can be found at http //www. pdf.. RELATIONSHIP ADDRESS 66. CITY 68. ZIP CODE 67. STATE 69. COUNTRY SECTION VI - RECEIPT Receipt of new card is acknowledged. DD FORM 1172-2 JAN 2014 73. INSTRUCTIONS The instructions for completing the DD Form 1172-2 should be closely followed to ensure accurate data collection and to preclude overcollection of information. Section IV of this form should only be completed if benefits or...
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Who needs the DD 1172-2 2014 form?

This form is used by reserves, active duty and retired service members to register in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and receive an identification card. This card is required to access government systems and facilities and to receive uniformed service benefits.

What is the purpose of the form DD 1172-2 2014?

This form is an application for DEERS enrollment and the issue of an ID card. The individual can also complete this form to renew the ID card.

What documents must accompany the form DD 1172-2 2014?

You can fill out the form as a sponsor or as a dependant. If you are a reserve, retired or an active duty service member, you are a sponsor to your dependants. The documents that should accompany the form vary depending on the completed DD 1172-2 form. The dependants must provide proof of relationship to the sponsor. The sponsor must include documents that establish their eligibility and verify the Federal person identifier.

How long does it take to fill out the DD 1172-2 form?


If you have all the required data, it won’t take long to complete and sign this form. The form DD 1172-2 fillable does not have a due date and you can complete it whenever there is a need.

Which sections should I fill in the DoD form 1172-2?

This form consists of VI sections:

  • Section I - information about the sponsor/employee

  • Section II - declaration and remarks of sponsor/employee

  • Section III - information about the sponsoring office (completed by DoD)

  • Section IV - verification

  • Section V - information about the dependent

  • Section VI - acknowledgment of card receipt

If you are a sponsor, and you want to enroll your dependents in DEERS, you have to fill out sections I, II and V. If you are an eligible employee applying for ID card, you have to fill out sections I and II. Personnel of Department of Defence (DoD) have to complete section III.

What do I do with the form after its completion?

You must bring the completed form to the real-time automated personnel identification system workstation.

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Instructions and Help about 1172 2 form

Laws calm legal forms guide a DD form 1172 is a Department of Defense form used for an application for an identification card and deers enrollment the form is required for obtaining the identification card and provides the adequate information for enrollment in benefits programs for the military member and their dependents the DD form 1172 is available on the Department of Defense documentation website or can be supplied to the chain of command the applying military or Department of Defense employee must fill out section 1 providing basic contact information you must provide your name social security number status and pay grade information furthermore you must supply all contact information that is required including address and phone contact section 2 may require you to include additional information about your current assignment qualifying status or other important information about the benefits you are eligible for depending on your agency or department section 2 may already be pre-printed with the information necessary for your application section 3 requires the information about your sponsoring group or agency with the appropriate authorizations and approvals your sponsoring office must provide its contact information details of your assignments and positions and be signed off by a qualified official for authorization if you have any dependents which will qualify for benefits through the Department of Defense you must include their information in part 4 if you do not have any dependents you may leave this section blank an amendment to this form may be necessary if you are responsible for dependents at a later date if you need additional space for more than two dependents you may use additional sheets attached to your DD Form 1172 once a new identification card is issued you must certify receipt of the new card in section 5 retain the copy of DD form 1172 for future reference and your file you may need to file amended DD Form 1170 to s in the future or need the necessary information on it to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws comm